• 20 Dec 2017 by Global Chamber

    Global Chamber Hermosillo is helping members grow with warm connections.

    'Warm connecting' is a focused, effective way of 'networking' advocated and practiced by Global Chamber®.

    We encourage Sonora regional companies to get connected through our warm connections - across town, across the state, around Mexico and around the world.

    There are many ways to network. For many of our members, 'warm connecting' is the best because there is some thought about your business goals before making a warm introduction - and the person who is introduced is known and will very likely be interested to meet you. People are too busy these days to take meetings with people they don't know UNLESS the intro is from someone they know AND there appears to be something in it for them, as well.

    Read more about 12 tips on warm connecting HERE. And join us to grow your business in warm and wonderful ways.

    Read more about our members HERE.

    Our team knows Hermosillo AND the world... reach out and find out more how we can help you and your company grow more effectively inside and outside Mexico.

  • 14 Jun 2017 by Christian Aguirre

    Thank you to Delegación Federal de Economía en Hermosillo for hosting our global multi-metro event last Thursday!

    It was the BIGGEST multi-metro event EVER, and we pulled it off! Read more about each session at the links below, and watch portions of the event, too.

    Special thanks to all the speakers and collaborators! CEO Arturo Freydig of ECN based in Hermosillo did a wonderful job speaking from our location.

    Market Entry/Growth Panel Discussion, Part 1

    Read more and watch the video for part 1 HERE

    • Jan Knight, Principal at Bancroft Information Services (Tucson) - "Cross Border Market Research"
    • Hiroshi Konno, President/CEO at Konno Corporation (Tokyo)  - "IoT Trends and Opportunities"
    • Eric Miller, Co-Owner and Principal, PADT (Phoenix) - "Product Development in a Global World"
    • Vinayak Gupta, EVP Operations at Zero Mass Water (Phoenix) - "Growing & Operating Cross Border, Marketing Side"
    • Eduardo Gonzalez, Dep. Trade & Investment Commissioner, Promexico (Phoenix) - "Growing & Manufacturing, US vs Mexico"
    • Gus Scannapieco, CEO, Global Business Ventures (Nashville) - "Next on NAFTA"


    Global Manufacturing Panel Discussion, Part 2

    Read more and watch the video for part 2 HERE

    • Kazuaki Ohishi, Sr. Economist at Institute for Int'l Economic Studies of Toyota (Tokyo) - "Japan-Mexico Business Trends in Automotive"
    • Sumio Otsuji, Toyota Motor Corp. & Institute for Int'l Econ. Studies Tokyo - "Japan-Mexico Business Trends in Automotive"
    • Kirk Gerber, VP Manufacturing at Zero Mass Water (Phoenix) - "Growing & Operating Cross Border, Manufacturing"
    • Eduardo Saavedra, EVP of Business Development at Offshore Group (Tucson) - "Manufacturing in Mexico"
    • Arturo Freydig, CEO of ECN (Hermosillo) - "Automation to Become More Competitive"
    • Luis Ramirez, Principal at Ramirez Advisors Inter-National (Phoenix) - "Cross Border Issues"
    • Arnulfo Martinez, Executive Director at Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali (Phoenix) - "Setting Up Operations"



    The mission of Promexico is to promote the attraction of direct foreign investment and the export of goods and services, as well as the internationalization of Mexican companies in order to contribute to Mexico's economic and social development and strengthen the country's image as a strategic business partner.




  • 29 Mar 2017 by Christian Aguirre

    Welcome Mayor Stanton and the City of Phoenix to your new home in Hermosillo!

    Global Chamber Hermosillo was pleased to participate in yesterday's event, pictured below.

    We look forward to continuing to grow business across the border between our metros.

    - Christian Aguirre

    Deputy Director, Global Chamber Hermosillo



  • 30 Dec 2015 by Global Chamber Hermosillo

    Hi, I’m Luis F. Nunez, Executive Director of Global Chamber Hermosillo. Our team is excited to announce that Global Chamber has landed in Hermosillo. We have already started connecting member companies to businesses and organizations around the world, bringing new opportunities to them and the metro area.

    Global Chamber is the only organization in the world that helps companies grow beyond all borders - from every metro area into all other metro areas, collaborating with regional organizations around the globe to build new opportunities for them and their community.

    Contact me directly to learn more about how you can grow your business from and to metro Hermosillo through global connections and our other services.

    Looking forward to working with you to grow globally!


    Hola, Mi Nombre es Luis F. Núñez, Director Ejecutivo de Global Chamber Hermosillo. Nuestro equipo está emocionado por anunciar que Hermosillo se ha convertido en una Ciudad Global, gracias a la llegada de Global Chamber. Ya hemos comenzado a conectar con miembros, empresas y organizaciones alrededor del mundo, atrayendo nuevas oportunidades a ellos y a toda la ciudad.

    Global Chamber es la única organización en el mundo que ayuda a compañías a crecer más allá de cualquier frontera, desde cualquier área metropolitana a todas las demás áreas., colaborando con las organizaciones regionales en todo el planeta para construir nuevas y más grandes oportunidades para toda la comunidad.

    Contáctenme directamente para aprender más acerca de como puedes crecer tu negocio desde Hermosillo a cualquier parte del mundo a través de nuestras conexiones globales y otros servicios.

    ¡Ansiosos por trabajar con ustedes y ser globales!


    Luis F. Núñez

    Executive Director, Global Chamber Hermosillo

  • 22 Apr 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We were honored to host "Global Town Hall", a Phoenix-area precursor to "Arizona Town Hall" being held April 24-27 in Tucson.

    Thank you to Bank of America for introducing us to the team putting this event on, and we subsequently worked together to stage this event.

    Many thanks to the members who particpated including Mel Sanderson of Freeport McMoRan who will also be at the AZ Town Hall in Tucson.

    This discussion was centered on Mexico-US business, investment and economic development. And the one in Tucson will carry that conversation forward.

    The Phoenix portion this week was a wonderful discussion that was summarized by our facilitators Mary Grier and Patricia Norris. It featured local business, economic development and government leaders and an opening statement by David Farca, President of ToH Design Studio and President for the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

    The output will be used in the session in Tucson. The overall report will be completed and presented to regional leaders with the goal of making progress in the Arizona-Mexico relationship including growing trade.

    The event was a collaboration between Arizona Mexico Commission, Arizona Town Hall, Global Chamber, Global Chamber Phoenix, Global Chamber Tucson, Global Chamber Hermosillo and Global Chamber Queretaro.

    See photos from the session here:

  • 16 Feb 2016 by Global Chamber

    By Julio Espinoza, Luis Nunez and Doug Bruhnke

    During the past year the trend for a new Arizona-Sonora Partnership has been set in motion by many players on both sides of the border including state and local governments, the private sector, academics, interests groups and advocates. The days when Phoenix and Hermosillo were not collaborating are gone, and we see both Arizonans and Sonorans engaging actively in trade, investment, cooperation and political dialog. There is a new understanding on both sides of the border, but why is it so important to keep this momentum going? How can we foster the current mutual understanding and progress?

    After Governor Ducey (January 2015) and Governor Pavlovich (September 2015) took office, they made clear that the Arizona-Sonora relationship was a priority for their administrations, and over the last year there have been very symbolic moments of trust at the capitol level and at the city hall level as well. An example of the stepping stones was an event in March 2015 with Carlos Slim in Phoenix, create by a just a handful of people led by Mike Patterson of Polsinelli with City of Phoenix, Phoenix Business Journal and Global Chamber®.

    While the press has extensively covered the state level dialog and initiatives, this article will stress on the city/county level cooperation that is also flourishing thanks to the mayors’ leadership. The reason for this new chapter is that stability on the border can only be achieved by economic growth that translates into economic development. Helping the economy growing and redistributing the revenue can be achieved at a regional level only if we are able to enable and encourage decision makers (executive and legislative branches) and business leaders to meet, trust each other and work together for a new Arizona-Sonora (Economic) Partnership.

    Last October (2015), Phoenix Mayor Stanton led a trade mission that included a bipartisan group of five Arizona Mayors to Mexico City to expand economic opportunities and exchange best business practices between Small Medium Businesses. Mayor Mancera of Mexico City and Mayor Stanton signed a memorandum of understanding creating a Global Cities Economic Partnership between both cities.

    That same month in the City of Tucson, both Mayor Rothschild of Tucson and Ernesto Munro of Rocky Point, led a group of mayors from Sonora and Arizona for meeting each other after the new Sonoran Mayors took office in September, having for witnesses of honor the regional consuls of Mexico and the U.S. This meeting provided a continuation of efforts already in place to strengthen the channels of communication at the local level, such as the Maricopa Association of Governments’ Ari-Son Mega region project that was introduced in 2014 along with the BIEN (Building and International Economic Network) free business online database, for furthering the city level dialog and the business to business connections.

    While Phoenix concentrates the most advanced industrial clusters in the region, it is also clear that Tucson, besides being the natural logistical hub into Mexico for its geostrategic location and cultural closeness, is switching into the higher value industries. On January 22nd 2016, Mayor Rothschild of Tucson, for the second year in a row, hosted the Borderlands Trade Conference for discussing how to make the most of the industrial clusters created by NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). The City of Tucson, with the support of many mayors of Arizona, Sonora and Sinaloa, showed political leadership and positioned itself as the gateway of Arizona into Mexico leaving the door open for further economic interdependence.

    On Wednesday February 10th the City of Phoenix hosted high level conversations at law firm Polsinelli with the Secretary of Economy of Sonora and his assistant secretary and directors for foreign trade. We discussed the current state and future of the Arizona-Sonora economic relationship from the traditional sectors (food and tourism industries) to the modern sectors (high tech). We agreed on the fact that we have two complementary economies that need to move forward into more advanced industries at the small medium business level to the transnational corporation level.

    NAFTA’s assumption is that three economies of different sizes and with different capacities can supplement each other to be a competitive region in the global economy. This same premise applies to Arizona and Sonora and we can foster the bilateral interdependence in the best interest of both states. If we manage to develop clusters and supply chains, utilizing the competitive advantages of both parties, to truly create a vibrant region. By attracting foreign and national investment to Arizona, hosting the headquarters and logistical operations in Arizona, while making the most of Mexico’s business friendly environment (low operation costs and intellectual property enforcement), the American Southwest can truly become the 5th largest economic engine in the world with a population of about 60 million consumers and a GDP of USD 3 trillion.

    For becoming a true haven of innovation in the desert, we all must continue nurturing the new Arizona-Sonora (Economic) Partnership. That is why on Wednesday February 17th the Global Chamber is hosting the Phoenix International State of the Metro, an event that will shed light on the extraordinary progress and remaining challenges for the Phoenix Metro area in positioning itself as an oasis of HEAATT in the desert: Health, Education, Aerospace/Aerial, Technology and Tourism. Mayor Greg Stanton will be accompanied in this high level dialog with regional business leaders by Mayor John Giles of Mesa, Mayor John Lewis of Gilbert and Mayor Sharon Wolcott of Surprise.

    Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix and Surprise are leaders in attracting foreign and national direct investment to create high wage jobs that make the Phoenix Metro a global city in which we all can live, study, work, prosper and retire. If Arizona is open to business, we need to make sure the handshaking diplomacy translates into jobs that boost the state and city economies and strengthen the Arizonan middle class while progressively graduating our most vulnerable minorities out of generational poverty. On Wednesday, we must certainly agree that the Phoenix International State of the Metro is not only competitive and diverse but beneficial to every one of our constituencies, because if Phoenix is successful, the whole state will make progress. We must remain steadfast in viewing progress in open, honest and transparent ways so that businesses in the metros of Arizona and Sonora continue their interaction and growth.

    Many challenges remain, and those will be discussed on Wednesday as well. But now because of regional metro government leaders along with business leaders are engaging in cross-border trade, supported by leaders at the state and federal levels, progress is accelerating.

    Authors: Doug BRUHNKE is the CEO of Global Chamber®. Julio ESPINOZA is a U.S.-Mexico relationship expert and advocate. Luis NUNEZ is Executive Director of Global Chamber® Hermosillo.