Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Joining Global Chamber® Hermosillo connects you and your team to the 'global tribe' and accelerates global business success. Our team eases the pain of doing cross border business and accelerates you and your team's success.

Do business in one metro? Join a local chamber. Do business in multiple metros? Join us!

Global Chamber® paid members receive:

  1. Membership in 525 Metros
  2. Member discounts worldwide
  3. Access to new opportunities worldwide
  4. Access to others doing global business
  5. Warm intros to customers and partners
  6. Access to Export Circles℠, Export Reach℠
  7. Access to VIP experiences, virtual events
  8. Access to people and info to grow faster
  9. Cross border consulting and mentoring
  10. Satisfaction from being ahead of the curve

Membership in Metro Hermosillo entitles you to membership in every one of our 525 metros. And so your investment is as little as $1 per metro per year. Seriously! The specific benefits include:

  1. Access to trusted connections. In 525 metro areas... VIP opportunities, Export Circles℠, Export Reach℠, networking, committees, CEO videos, blogs, articles, insider news, jobs and interns.
    1. A trusted business network in 525 metros (5000 cities) around the world
    2. Access to over 20 million executives and professionals for your business
    3. Connections via events, committees, Export Circles℠ and Export Reach℠
    4. Connections with new customers, partners and global opportunities
    5. Access to talented resources to lower risk and increase global success
    6. Shared global 'how to' information on video, in articles and other media
    7. Connections with interns, internships, contracts and jobs worldwide
    8. Connections to global talent, and for the individual, careers at global companies
  2. Access to the resources to grow. VIP events, virtual seminars, training, Export Circles℠, Export Reach℠, committees, CEO videos, blogs, articles, insider news, jobs and interns.
    1. A wealth of all the right and latest resources to grow your business globally.
    2. Access to most of our events for free - with helpful information and valuable connections
    3. Invitation to VIP opportunities with access to people who can help your business
    4. Access to 24/7 virtual, regional and global events with CEOs and other leaders
    5. Collaboration with most other organizations doing international activity locally and global
    6. A collaborative and holistic view of business and other activities advancing global progress
  3. Hands on support. Counseling, mentoring, warm intros, connections and direct assistance
    1. Direct consultative support to determine how we can help
    2. Introductions to customers, partners and trusted resources
    3. Information about new cross border opportunities to grow
    4. Access to Export Circles℠ for support, info and opportunities

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